Recent Pictures (part 2)

  Churnet Valley Railway - Dec 2008 (11 photos)

A rather grey photocharter with 47279 at the CVR.


Gloucester and Warwicks Railway - Dec 2008 (9 photos)

The Christmas Cracker gala at the GWSR with all the home fleet of engines in action.


  West Somerset Railway - Dec 2008 (4 photos)

The winter gala at the WSR, despite great weather photography was very difficult with an easterly wind causing havoc with the smoke.

  Watercressline - Dec 2008 (7 photos)

Good light this time of year is very hard to beat, 34007 and 73096 are see in action at the Mid Hants.

  Bluebell Railway - Dec 2008 (21 photos)

A photocharter at the Bluebell with the 7F, some glorious lighting conditions made for a great day.

  Bluebell Railway - Dec 2008 (9 photos)

A glorious winters day at the Bluebell with the "Santa Season" in full flow.  53809, 9017, 5199 and 80151 where in action.

  Cotton Mill Express - Dec 2008 (2 photos)

45407 in mainline action in the North West.

  East Lancs Railway - Dec 2008 (12 photos)

My first ever visit to the ELR and it was for a photographic charter I was running in conjunction with Warwick Falconer and Nigel Valentine.  The marvellous "Great Marquess" was our engine for the day.

  Great Central Railway - Nov 2008 (lots of photos!)

Two days of photo charters featuring 70013 Oliver Cromwell disguised as 70048 Territorial Army.

  Great Central Railway - Nov 2008 (8 photos)

A very fresh day at the GCR with visiting engine 5690 "Leander" in action on its last weekend with railway.

  Bluebell Railway - Nov 2008 (8 photos)

Got it!  At last I got the 7F in nice sunlight during a Jon Bowers photo charter.  I only made the end of the day but was very pleased indeed.

  Bluebell Railway - Nov 2008 (5 photos)

The 7F in action on a rather gloomy day at the Bluebell.  I will get this engine in sun at some point!  5199 and 65 where the other locos in action with 53809.

  Swanage Railway - Nov 2008 (9 photos)

A couple of days at Swanage with 34070, 30053 and 80104 in action.

  Great Central Railway - Oct 2008 (5 photos)

Another day at the GCR with Leander and newly arrived visitor City of Truro in action on passenger trains whilst 850 was on the driver experience.

  Mainline - Oct 2008

35028 "Clan Line" seen at Eastleigh with a VSOE special.

  Bluebell Railway - Oct 2008 (10 photos)

The autumn gala at the Bluebell with visiting 7F number 53809 complimenting the home fleet.

  Great Central Railway - Oct 2008 (21 photos)

The annual autumn gala at the GCR, featured visitor 5690 "Leander" as well as 70013 "Oliver Cromwell", 60163 "Tornado, 850 "Lord Nelson" and also 4141, 78019 and 63601 from the home based fleet.  Certainly an impressive line up for any gala.

  Severn Valley Railway - Sept 2008 (20 photos)

The second photo charter of the week, this time the weather was great.  9017 on the superb GWR era freight and a great passenger set.  9017 is visiting the SVR from its base at the Bluebell Railway.

  Severn Valley Railway - Sept 2008 (10 photos)

A photo charter at the SVR featuring 5526 (which is visiting from the South Devon Railway) on matching carmine and cream coaches.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't too kind.

  North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Sept 2008 (15 photos)

The annual autumn gala at the NYMR hosted 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" as it's visiting locomotive.  Great weather and a varied timetable made for a great day.

  Great Central Railway - Sept 2008 (6 photos)

The first official trains hauled by newly built 60163 "Tornado", marvellous to see this loco in action.  78019 was also running.

  Watercressline - Sept 2008 (18 photos)

A photocharter at the Mid Hants organised by myself and Warwick Falconer featuring 41312 on the fantastic BR era freight.  We where blessed with fantastic light and some lovely early mist.

     Mainline - Sept 2008

70013 Oliver Cromwell on the South Western Mainline, seen at Hurstbourne Viaduct and Buckhorn Weston (nr Gillingham).


  Swanage Gala - Sept 2008 (7 photos)

The annual autumn gala at Swanage, featured the usual home fleet on a mixture of passenger and freight trains..  The Sunday of the gala also saw the first passenger trained worked by 34070 "Manston" since its restoration from scrapyard condition.

  Watercressline Gala - Sept 2008 (16 photos)

The annual autumn gala at the Mid Hants, featured visiting locos 41241, 5029 and 4936 as well as 34007, 60019, 41312 and 73096 from the home fleet.


  Torbay Express - Sept 2008 (10 photos) 

Tangmere seen in action on the Torbay Express and 4277 on the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway.

  Great Central Railway - Sept 2008 (38 photos) 

A quiet day at the GCR allowed for some different shots from Loughborough and Rothley.  63601 and D123 where in action.

  Cholsey and Wallingford Railway - August 2008

Terrier No 662 made a brief visit the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway.

  Watercressline - August 2008 (2 photos)

A quiet day at the Mid Hants with 73096 and 41312 in action.

  Mainline - August 2008 (5 photos)

40 years ago the final steam train ran on British Railways, the infamous 1T57 "THE FIFTEEN GUINEA SPECIAL" running from Liverpool to Carlisle with 2 Black Fives and Oliver Cromwell. 40 years later the train was recreated with 2 different Black Fives and Oliver Cromwell.

  Llangollen - August 2008 (12 photos)

A photo charter with Black 5 44806, recreating 40 years since it ran it's final ballast train, as seen in these photos.

  Mainline, Purley on Thames - July 2008 (2 photos)

6233 caught in action on the Cathedrals Express near Purley on Thames.

  Great Central Railway - July 2008 (14 photos)

The annual "Mail by Rail" gala, featuring visiting "Lord Nelson" number 850, plus resident 78019 and 4141.  Two diesels also featured in an intensive timetable.  This was the last outing of the Gresley TPO vehicles as they are in need a a full overhaul.

  Torbay - July 2008 (6 photos)

A day in Devon, complete with shots of the "Torbay Express" and also action on the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway. I haven't been out on the train trail for a few weeks so it was good to be back out.

  Cholsey and Wallingford Railway - (2 photos)

3440 "City of Truro" is on a flying visit to the CWR.  


  Great Central Railway - June 2008 (12 photos)

A gala at the GCR featuring their "Windcutter" mineral wagons.  A locomotive visiting the line for repairs also featured, Fairburn Tank number 42085. This is the first time this locomotive has ever left it's home base and visited another line.

  Watercressline - June 2008 (24 photos)

Another good turn out for the annual War on the line event.  Some different pictures from me, with hardly a train in sight! 

  Swanage Railway - June 2008 (14 photos)

A photo charter at Swanage with 30053. 

Watercressline - June 2008 (1photo)

73096 in action on the "Watercress Belle" dining train at the Watercressline.

  Mainline, Potbridge - May 2008 (2 photos)

6233 in mainline action at Potbridge, en route from Waterloo to Exeter.

  Gloucester and Warwicks - May 2008 (10 photos)

The annual Festival of Steam at the GWSR featuring visiting locos 34007 and 44422.

  Portugal - May 2008 (21photos)

A "PTG Tours" tour along the wonderful Douro Valley in northern Portugal.  Some of the lines and trains shown are on the 1 metre narrow gauge line from Regua to Vila Real, a truly amazing rail journey.  You may spot some "dual gauge" pieces of track in some of the pictures.

  Watercressline - May 2008 (3 photos)

35005 "Canadian Pacific" will be out of action soon when its boiler certificate expire.  Was my last chance to see her in action, despite it being 25c out she put on some great smoke effect.  Looked marvellous with the uniform green stock, caught passing the watercress beds at Bishops Sutton and at Bowers Grove Lane.

  Swanage Railway - May 2008 (38 photos)

The annual diesel gala at the Swanage Railway, visiting locos included 37906, 50044,73107 and 37275.  A real intensive service, for me the highlight was seeing VEP "Gordon Pettit" in service again.

    Gomshall, Mainline - May 2008 (2 photos)

35028 "Clan Line" on a circular trip from Victoria across the Surrey Hills.  Despite the temperature being 25c there was still some smoke effect.  You'll notice the helicopter in hot pursuit!

  Great Central Railway - May 2008 (9 photos)

After a morning at the Nene Valley Railway my tour of the East Midlands turned to the return to steam of 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" at the Great Central Railway.  Was great to see OC on it's first passenger turn since its return to steam, a specially organised 5.10 ex Loughborough.  Also in action where 4141 and 30777.

  Nene Valley Railway - May 2008 (3 photos)

7F 53809 is visiting the NVR for a few weeks, it's seen here in fine form at Mill Lane Bridge.  The S&D 7F's are one of my favourite locomotives, the combination with the red/cream coaches is hard to beat in my book.

  Bluebell Railway - April 2008 (34 photos)

E4 number 32473 is approaching the end of it's 10 year boiler certificate, so a heavy overhaul looms.  A Jon Bowers photo charter featuring the E4 on both passenger and freight stock provided a great opportunity to catch this loco whilst it is still in service.

  Watercressline - April 2008 (15 photos)

A photographic charter ran by Warwick Falconer and myself.  Utilising Ivatt 41312 and matching BR era freight stock, we had a 6.30am start running from Alresford to Medstead.  Despite an awful forecast we where lucky with the weather, including some very stormy shots at Soldridge Cutting.

  Bluebell Railway - April 2008 (4 photos)

Another special event at the Bluebell Railway "Built at Brighton", featuring locos that where built at Brighton. Unfortunately I spent most of the day in the railways shop signing copies of my new book, but did manage a few photos.

  Swanage Railway - April 2008 (22 photos)

The Spring Branchline gala at Swanage, featuring  80104, 30053, 34028 and diesel 47635.  Some lovely light in between very heavy shows made for a good days photography.

  North Yorkshire Moors Railway - April 2008 (38 photos)

A monster LNER Gala at the NYMR.

  Watercressline - March 2008 (9 photos)

GWR Pannier 5764 is on a short visit from the Severn Valley Railway and was in action along with 73096 and 35005 from the home fleet.


  Bluebell Railway - March 2008 (24 photos)

After 3 weeks of no photography due to the bad weather, what a way to come back!  1638 on a freight photo charter, despite heavy rain early on the sun did eventually come out.

  Swanage Railway - March 2008 (9 photos)

34028 "Eddystone" is now back at Swanage after visits to the North Yorks Moors and an extended stay at the Bluebell Railway.

  Bluebell Railway - Feb 2008 (12 photos)

The annual spring gala in pretty awful weather!  GWR auto tank 1450 (and matching auto coach) visited to compliment the home fleet.  A number of period road vehicles where also on display at Horsted Keynes

  Keighley and Worth Valley - Feb 2008 (38 photos)

Fantastic weather and a fantastic weekend!  Visitors 41312 and 62005 complimented the home fleet to make a great gala. 

  Didcot Railway Centre - Feb 2008 (50 photos)

An evening photographers event with a host of GWR locomotives on display.

  Bluebell Railway - Feb 2008 (11 photos)

Auto tank number 1450 (complete with matching auto coach no 178) is visiting the railway for a few weeks and is seen on it's first day of operation.  The other locos in action are 32473, 65 and 55.

  Great Central Railway - Jan 2008 (25 photos)

An amazing winter gala at the GCR, a great days photography.

Mainline nr Mortimer - Jan 2008 (1 photo)

A tale of what could have been!  It had the making of a nice glint shot, however the wind did it's worse with the smoke.  35038 "Clan Line" is seen approaching Mortimer on a VSOE from Victoria to Southampton.

Bluebell Railway - Jan 2008 (13 photos)

A nightshoot involving 2 of the "non operational" locomotives, T9 number 120 and Schools Class "Stowe" number 928.  I also managed to catch 65 on the service train.

Watercressline - Jan 2008 (4 photos)

Was good to see 35005 back in action at the MHR, was a brief visit before heading off to the Bluebell (see above!)

Watercressline - Jan 2008 (1 photo)

A very brief visit saw 60019 in action.

Gloucester and Warwicks Railway - Jan 2008 (13 photos)

 Another photo charter at the GWSR with the J15, this time on a mixed freight.  The weather was very kind indeed.


Bluebell Railway - December 2007 (5 photos)

Between Xmas and New Year the Bluebell like to give their "Vintage Trains" an outing, so 65 and 672 "Fenchurch" where in action.

Chinnor and Princess Risborough Railway - December 2007 (13 photos)

Nothing beats a photocharter over the Xmas period.  9682 was running as 9789 on an engineers train along the former GWR Branchline.

Watercressline - December 2007 (20 photos)

Yet more Santa's, but back the Mid Hants.  73096 and 34007 where the locos, I thought I'd try some different locations and was fairly pleased.  I'd like to try shot with the car again, but maybe with "Classic Car" if anyone has one!

  Bluebell Railway - December 2007 (8 photos)
More Santa's at the Bluebell.  I tried out a few different things, playing with the light a little bit.  Some worked, some didn't!  A lovely winters day though.

Mainline - December 2007 (1 photo)
60009 "Union of South Africa" seen on VSOE duty near Chilworth, shame it was so grey!

Mainline - December 2007 (6 photos)
A double dose of mainline steam.  30777 is seen at Vauxhall, whilst 35028 Clan Line is seen at Clapham Junction and Chilworth on a fantastic winters day!  The night shots are at Basingstoke.


Watercressline - December 2007 (4 Photos)
The start of the "Santa Specials" at the Watercressline, despite some heavy showers I did manage a few pics.  73096 and 34007 where in action.


Bluebell Railway - December 2007 (7 Photos)
The start of the "Santa Specials" at the Bluebell with 80151, 21C123 (still carrying OVS Bulleid nameplates) and 34028 in action.


Gloucester and Warwicks Railway - November 2007 (22 Photos)
A charter at the GWSR with J15 65462 which is visiting from the North Norfolk Railway.  A grey start, but the sun did appear for a while.  Have never seen this loco before and was very impressed, a great little engine!

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